Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel (1kg)


The body needed a small amount of fuel for daily activities it performs. The more high intensive the activity is, the more fuel is used the body to perform task. Thus the body would needed much fuel when do some task and exercise.

One of the great natural sources of energy for the body is carbohydrates. Thus by increasing the the huge amount of the carbohydrates in the body, you would be able to boost your energy, giving you the ability to work out longer and intensively.

Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel contained is a special blend of carbohydrates. It is a pre- formulated mixture with the ability to be gradually released into your body system to get energize over a very longer period as you from the warmup and the exercise.


Capable of boosting the body carbohydrate levels and hence your energy levels to helps in enabling you to working out with more effectiveness.

  • It makes so possible for your body to work out more intensively.
  • It has the ability to recover with more quickly after a huge amount of intensive workout.
  • It has the ability to help you enhancing the body focus and improved your mental capabilities of the body.

Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel contained a mixture of the essential carbohydrates which are very much used to giving you all the nutrients you had needed to maintain your energy levels of the body performance and also focus.

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Only mixed the 3 levels scoops with water, and drank 4 times per day for 5 days and then used the maintained levels at 2 servings per day.

For the recommended 3 scoops (30g) of Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel per serving, you get Energy (433.5kj), Kcal (102kcal), Protein (25.5g), Fat (0g), Carbohydrate (5.1g), and Alpha- Lipoid Acid of 72mg.

As can be seen, the shake contains very high levels of carbs and protein, with hardly any fat. With Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel therefore, you have a blend of ingredients that can help you in boosting the energy levels and gave you the ability to work out a lot with much intensively and for longer periods.

Each Serving Contains:

  • Carbohydrate of 5.1g
  • Fat about 0.g
  • Protein include 5.5g
  • The alpha lipoic acid of 72mg

Table of the product;

Classification of the product: Pre-Working out the Carbohydrate Shake
Guarantee of the pack: 60 Days
1 Product Pack Price: £34.95 GBP / $55.45 USD

Consumer Feedback;

This supplement is simply putting together on the website and the majority of the users using it have reported good results after took out that Pre-Working supplement.

99% of users have been reporting very quick reviews of the recovery times and also an increase in their energy levels.

Side Effects;

None have been reporting since the product has been launched.

From where can buy the product?

The only place to purchase this only genuine Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel is directly on the website of the Bauer Nutrition. The pouch pack containing the 33 servings will costed you all around is £34.95 ($52.65)

Cash Back Guarantee;

The product manufacturers offered worldwide shipping and the 60 day cash back guarantee on all the orders.

Why are you waiting for just order now to improve your body abilities by using the Body Fuel Performance 1kg pack?

Our Priority;

It is pretty obviously that our area fans of the product Bauer Nutrition – They had, so far, came up with the good stock and had a very huge range of the products that would what they said on their box.

They had a pretty impressing feedback range of rating of almost 100% from users across the world and so all that all we had feel Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel is the very much great product to include in your supplement product daily.


Body Fuel product are known to be from their good performance and providing the supplements and the Body Fuel Max Performance Fuel is no expectionless. A powder based Pre Workout supplement is gathered to boost your energy levels and also greatly less recover time after your working out.

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