Bodybuilding Foods for Nutrition & Diet

You ControlYour Destiny !!

Bodybuilding is one of the best way to make your body stronger and beautiful. In early years in Greece and Egypt the stone lifting tradition were practiced to make men body beautiful. Bodybuilding is an extensive exercise to develop muscles. Here you will know how to increase your muscles by natural way. To look cute. When you are comfortable with your body, the confidence level in the public place or parties gathering will high.

Everyone will love your body make new styles with your perfect body. When it comes to the diet of bodybuilding what’s good or what’s bad it’s very easy to get confused with lot of diets ingredients. Eat the right foods and body will respond in kindness and give you the results you want.

Following are the food which will effect and give result. It’s the balanced diet


For many many years eggs have been thought of as an artery clogging food; but research shows that the cholesterol and heart disease has shown many of us. Eggs are healthy food used serious muscle building food. Cholesterol is presents in yolks are the building block for steroid hormones.


One ounce of cashew or almonds contains 150-170 good calorioes. proteins  fats and fibre  are present in nuts which allows you get the extra calories you need without sseing expanding waistline.

Protein shake:

Milk shake is the great unit in the body building program. Drinking a shake consisting of carbohydrates and protein before going to gym leads you to musce growth. Scientific research shoes that it increase protein synthesis improve blood flow around the muscles and improve the body capcity to process carbohydrates during your workout

Cottage cheese:

Cottage is the good source of protein whichis casein which is a slow digesting dairy protein.when a person eat casein protein the amino acid level rise slowly and stay elevated for longer than.cottage contain live useful bacteria which hels in the metabolism of nutrient and help them to absorb and use to get bigger and stronger.


If someone is facing problem regarding increase in muscle and staying lean try to replace some of rice and grain with the chickpeas.thi bean contain 45 grams od slow acting carbohydrates per cup aong 12 gram of fibre.


Beef is the best ever source of protein it is the 1st and top suggestion. Chicken meat provides readily hight quilety protein. A couple of chicken brest are great and its also good to mis and match with llight and darker meat.


One cup of cooked lentils typically contain 18 grams of protein and irt also contain 40 gram of slow digesting carbohydrates.these are really cheap and last for long time .they are cooked in 10 mintes can be mixed with white rice


Salmon is the best source of protein and long chain of omega-3- fats. Omega -3 fats are best known for their ablity to inprove heart health but decrease muscle breakdown perhaps inchease the anabolic capcity of amino acids. Not everyone likes eating fish so to replace this you can take fish oil supplement to get the same benefit.

Fermented Dairy product

Fermented dairy product like kefir are known as muscle building foods. Kafir is the perfect addition to any muscle building 1 cup of kefir will add approximately 150 calories to your diet.  Compared to regular milk, kefir will allow your meal to be more easily digested as it contains pro-biotics.  These are healthy bacteria that assist your digestive system to stay healthy, helping it breakdown and collect the maximum amount of calories and nutrients from each of your meals.