Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Learn What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Nutrition is a necessary and essential component for building good physique. Any workout without proper diet is considered to be a useless until and unless you provide your body with certain nutrients. Nutrients provide energy and strength to the body for workout and different exercise. There are certain nutrients which are required by the body before exercise and certain falls in the category of after exercise. Let us discuss, what is the main function of nutrients in our body?


The nutrition diet is as essential for body builders as water is for body. Different experts prescribe different diets having certain nutrients in them. Why this is so? This is just because of the fact that nutrients play vital role in controlling and maintaining the different process inside the body. There are certain components which enhances the metabolism rate for effective weight loss while some provide energy to the body for workout. If a person is serious about his body physique and really wants to make it attractive; than he has to intake different nutrients before and after exercises.

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There are certain nutrients which are needed by the body before doing any exercise or workout. This nutrient diet provides energy and strength to the consumer for doing hard workouts for his/her body building. Before any nutrition, it is important to notice that one should eat meal before one or two hours of workout. Some nutrients and their functions on the body are given below,

  1. Carbohydrates:

    Carbohydrates provide maximum strength and energy to the consumer for more workouts. The source of these carbohydrates is most fruits especially bananas, apples and mangoes. The carbohydrates consist of hydrocarbon, glucose and its derivatives. These hydrocarbons instantly break down into energy when we intake them. So, they provide energy within very less interval of time.
  2. Proteins:

    Proteins, made up of amino acids, are the building blocks of cell and body. They control all the body functions as every hormone is basically a protein. There are certain proteins which are needed by our body but our body can’t produce them. So, we have to provide our body from different sources. Fish, egg and spinach are considered to be most protein rich food but there are some other proteins which are provided by different steroid products. These proteins enhance the body functions and control the production of muscles during body building. So, proteins are the necessary and essential nutrition which people have to take before any workout.
  3. ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (EFA):There are some vitamins which are fat soluble. Although, fats aren’t helpful for body but body needs essential fatty acids for fat soluble vitamins. Fatty acids consume long time to digest; so, it is useful for hungry people to lessen their hunger during workout.



Body needs some post workout nutrients for better gaining of muscles. After exercise, body lacks in levels of glycogen. To maintain and recover the glycogen level in the body, body builders need certain nutrients i.e. carbohydrates, proteins and fat burners.

  1. CARBOHYDRATES:Yes, carbohydrates are pre as well as post nutrition of workout. Glucose and Fructose are considered to be most effective nutrients to maintain the glycogen level.
  2. FAT BURNERS:On the other hand, body needs some fat burners to increase the metabolism rate of the body and to reduce the fats leading to effective weight loss. Fat burners are introduced by different companies and they have effective results in weight losing as well as building muscles mass. Experts prescribed to eat low fat food after workout because fats create hindrance in the way of body building.

    Proteins are also necessary after workout. For effectiveness, body builder should intake maximum amount of daily intake proteins after severe workout. Proteins, together with carbohydrates, increase the endurance and stamina of person.



Body lacks certain nutrients for its proper growth and better workout. So, people need to intake these nutrients by eating different food. The body will not be able to grow properly or a person will not be able to make his physique attractive until and unless he/she provides the nutrition to his/her body. The outline of pre and post workout nutrition is,

  • Nutrition provides essential carbohydrates and proteins for hard workouts and proper muscle building.
  • Fat burners decompose the fats of the body and use them as energy which leads to effective weight loss for the fat people.
  • At the same time, post workout nutrients provide essential fats to the body for better muscles building.
  • Increases the stamina and endurance of the body and leads to effective sexual performance.


There are some nutrients which body produces itself but there are numerous nutrients especially proteins which are needed by body for proper growth. This nutrition provides energy and strength to the body which leads to effective weight loss and muscles building simultaneously. So, before doing any exercise or workout, people should consume some nutrients for effective body building.

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