Crazy Bulk Reviews 2020 – Do Legal Steroids and Supplements Work?

Are Crazy bulk supplements safe? Are Crazy bulk steroids legit? These are few questions which we will gonna reveal tonight!

Steroids are great for the growth and development of muscles and none can deny to that.

But steroids are extremely hazardous and illegal and none can deny that as well.

Don’t you think that things will get easier if mass gainers can immensely grow yet encounter no health repercussion or a possible visit to jail?

Well, seems like the prayers have been heard as we have Crazy bulk to do that job in town!

Precisely, Crazy Bulk is a brand for bodybuilders and sportsmen, which manufactures and sells legal substances that produce their desired performance enhancing effects through simple and safe mechanisms.

But considering all the ‘big claims’ made by CrazyBulk and its manufacturers, it is natural to wonder if these legal steroids are really worthy or a scam that can jeopardize your health and make you regret every bit of your decision.

Hence, we bring you a detailed write-up on CrazyBulk that intends to clear all your doubts and confusions you may have about its products.

This thorough review on Crazy Bulk is not a regular review but one that is based on our experience, research and findings worth enough sharing.

So, let’s begin.

All about Crazy Bulk Company!

CrazyBulk is one of the highly regarded above-board companies of Europe that initiated its business activities with a purpose to provide the support needed by mass gainers and sportsmen in the field.

While the company has its warehouses in UK and USA, it produces legal steroids and delivers through the fastest delivery to people living all over the world.

Now CrazyBulk has no regular position in the market where people seek assistance for their physical or professional goals.

It is a leading, time-tested brand that has always dealt in promising alternates for anabolic steroids that are generally categories as ‘controlled drugs’.

Not only this 2014’s launch deliver promising substances that can regenerate the positive effects of anabolic steroids, but agents that are completely natural and lawful in terms of legal status.

In the initial days of the company’s launch, CrazyBulk received a substantial positive response that immediately turned its position into a most recognized provider of legal substances.

Despite the popularity, the company never chose to be at a stagnant position and adapted all its formulas in light of the current scientific advancements so that its constantly upgraded agents can work in the best interest of modern users.

Crazy bulk claims to have sold out some 500,000 products by now and has 4.5/5 rating on Feefo.

Why choose Crazy Bulk and not Anabolic Steroids?

Now when you get to read that the natural alternates of anabolic steroids are more powerful than the effects of anabolic steroids, remember one thing in your mind- that is nothing but a misleading claim!

Anabolic steroids are stronger and will always be stronger no matter what advancement is done in the natural field.

Are Crazy bulk supplements safe?

But have you ever wondered why anabolic steroids are more potent?

Well- the answer lies in their composition based on synthetic estrogen and testosterone that are reasonably stronger in nature but are harsh for the health.  

These agents heavily affect the natural ability to produce testosterone and hence require a post cycle therapy for the body to restore its natural production of testosterone.

Basically, testosterone is a crucial male hormone that is not just necessary for the development and perseverance of muscles but is also needed for a great bone health.

Once the body starts to become deprive in T’s, you get to pay a heavy price!

And there are other side effects of real steroids that equally deserve a mention for example, tumors, kidney disease, heart disease and so.

CrazyBulk steroids, on the other hand are quite safe. These are natural and their effects are moderate enough to cause any harm.

Basically, these substances do not contain man-made hormones and create the necessary improvements in your size and strength through stimulating natural processes like boosting protein synthesis and creating an anabolic state that further favors gains that do not deflate with time.

Thus, these have zero side effects.

Moving onto the second reason why CrazyBulk is a better pick is for the fact that its supplements are completely legal and not considered controlled that often puts the sellers, buyers and users of anabolic steroids in a fix.

Thereby, you can feel free to purchase these and use for as longer as you want- and if not in the long run, you can maintain your muscle building effects through a full body workout coupled with weights for once in a week.

Well, now that you’ve understood why using Crazy Bulk steroids is a better option against anabolic steroids, let’s move on to discuss the variety of products we come across in this brand.

Crazy Bulk Reviews and Results

On a whole, CrazyBulk is one sought after brand people have always preferred and spoken well about.

Not just few, the brand has helped innumerable amount of people striving to achieve their dreamy body without making them feel the need for real steroids.

Do crazy bulk products really work?

Some genuine reviews about CrazyBulk and its products are:

Personally, I have followed anabolic steroids and I know how they work and the concept of natural steroids was pretty unconvincing to me. But as I myself have experienced the repercussions, I decided to try CrazyBulk.

Things seem like a placebo effect in the beginning but began to change as D-Bal was building my strength.

As of mass, I can say I noticed satisfactory results, if not powerful effects like anabolic agents. But my experienced went good.

These days i’m consider stacking with Trenorol as I believe my body is demanding something extra.

Xavier Mathieu

Im one regular user of CrazyBulk and have tested the efficiency of almost all so yeah, you can question me anything!

My favorite though is Clenbutrol that is the most powerful thing in the name of natural steroids you can get! It slashes your fat like a knife, like literally or maybe for me as I am a workout freak.

So yes, if you are not working out (like the majority of us), you will experience inadequate gains from the use of CrazyBulk or any ‘magic’ thing you get for yourself- well, that’s my say not sure about others.

Christopher Jacob

I am not an ardent believer of bodybuilding supplements or anything except my natural abilities, but CrazyBulk is in my good books for sure.


CrazyBulk has a good range of legal steroids.

It has a cooperative customer care that responds quick, friendly and answers your queries well.

Stella Johnson

I ordered NO-2 Max a couple of months back.

Though that was my first and so far last purchase from CrazyBulk but my experience was good. It is genuinely good and helpful for strengths.


Visit Official website for more testimonials and real results:

The variety in Bulking Steroids

CrazyBulk has a deal of formulas aimed to assist the process of amassing. Starting from the best demanded steroids, here is what CrazyBulk has to offer the mass gainers:

1) D-BAL

D-Bal may perform through a natural mechanism, but its effects and benefits are absolutely related to the anabolic steroid Dianabol, which is the reason why D-Bal is the top selling Dianabol alternative in the entire performance enhancing drugs market.

Dianabol alternative supplements

 Essentially, when you compare D-Bal’s ability to help you grow with your natural ability to amass through workouts, you will notice the legal steroid working 3x better and quicker- without causing any complication that comes through Dianabol.

More to it, the bulking agent by CrazyBulk boosts protein synthesis and nitrogen retention while it includes ‘suma’ that has been derived from the root of suma plant. If we investigate the nature and effects of suma, we will learn that the plant extract is equipped with a type of anabolic substance called Ecdysteroids that can grow your muscles just as the real drugs.

But of course, since Ecdysteroids is a product obtained through a natural source, we can never expect it to be hazardous for our health or discouraging for our bodybuilding goals.

So yes, D-Bal is the top pick for that insane size that adds to your manly appeal.

Some surefire benefits of D-Bal are:

  1. Bigger muscles
  2. Super strength
  3. Fastest recovery

Trenbolone is one popular anabolic drug that helped an enormous amount of people with their bulking goals in the past.

Trenbolone alternative supplements

But as much as the steroid is powerful for the growth of muscles, it is strong on your health too. Thus, it is likely for the users to encounter problems like an impaired production of testosterone, cardiovascular conditions and sexual dysfunction.

Yet- the nasty effects of trenbolone are often overlooked for the extreme mass gaining powers of the drugs.

 Luckily, there is an alternate for Trenbolone called Trenorol by CrazyBulk that is also powerful for speedy development of muscles but mild on your health.

Now even though, people heavily seek D-Bal for the amassing of muscles, it has been observed that the growth followed by the use of Trenorol is comparatively defined rather raw.

While this can be counted as a quality, experts believe that this is to be credited to the steroid’s better ability to inhibit water retention. 

So if you are more into shaping your muscles while encouraging them to grow, the more promising steroid by CrazyBulk is trenorol for you. Though- don’t forget to incorporate more cardio in your workout!

Some definite benefits of Trenorol are:

  1. Fast muscle growth
  2. Ripped physique
  3. Higher strength

The engorging effects of Anadrol, one of the extremely potent anabolic drugs are not new to the people. Invented with the purpose to protect muscle wasting in the patients of muscle dystrophy, the anabolic steroid soon became common in mass gainers who found the drug favoring their growth, as much as protecting it.

Anadrole alternative supplements

But with the good that comes through Anadrol follows the bad that is one bitter truth of using anabolic steroids.

Yes, the side effects.

Anadrol causes gynecomastia, liver toxicity and heart disease, which many times, lead to untimely death.

CrazyBulk has come up with a 100% safer alternate of Anadrol called Anadrole.

The legal steroid has the power to mimic the mass gaining powers of its synthetic counterpart through a mechanism that encourages a natural anabolic state.

Basically, Anadrole is a mix of imperative ingredients like Acetyl-L-Carnitine that have a significant role in the repair of tissues. Once the healing process is paced, you can notice the significant degree of growth right after. Besides, there are Tribulus and Shilajit that support the natural production of testosterone that does the job even faster!

 Some promising benefits of Anadrole are:

  1. Massive muscles
  2. Insane strength
  3. Quick recovery
4) HGH-X2

Mass gainers acknowledge the value of human growth hormones but few take the threats associated with artificial HGH seriously.

hgh somatropin alternative supplements

HGH is generally deemed as a substance to slow down aging however, human growth hormones go a long way in supporting men with their bulking needs.

Now similar to any anabolic steroid, using HGH is treated unlawful. Besides, it is heavy on pocket and of course, not so friendly for your health.

HGH-X2 is a product of CrazyBulk that has been introduced as the natural counterpart of HGH.

Even though, the real HGH is extremely powerful, yet, this alternative can match up to its powers through its own natural mechanism.

In addition to a great boost in the muscle building process, HGH-X2 enables chiseling through its unique formula that equally aids in fat loss.

HGH-X2 heightens up the natural production of human growth hormone and hence encourages all the positive benefits linked with the hormone like added energy, stamina and so.

Moreover, if you have crossed 30, the supplement will better help you with all its anti aging effects as compared to those who are younger than this age.

HGH-X2 is your go-to supplement if you want:

  1. Bigger and stronger muscles
  2. Leaner and shaped body
  3. Fastest recovery

Tips to grow better during Bulking Cycles

We all know steroids can never be enough if there is no input from our side. No matter how desperate we are, if we are not taking enough efforts, things will not change for us.

What is the best steroid to bulk up?

So, here are some very useful tips for you to follow during your bulking cycles, especially if you are using bulking steroids like D-Bal or so by CrazyBulk:

  • Remember, you need to increase 500 calories from the quantity you take in general
  • Make sure you are keeping a record of the consumed calories. For that purpose, you can consider
  • Take enough water so that dehydration can be prevented
  • Your body needs an instant dose of electrolytes after those demanding hours in the gym. Toss a slight quantity of salt on your food and have it for the energy you need for the rest of the day
  • Give proteins a much needed priority. Technically, you should be taking 0.7 grams of it for every lb in your overall weight. Suppose you are 190lbs, multiply 0.7 by it. That makes 133 grams of protein a day
  • Take whey protein after straining your muscles in the gym. It paces recovery while boosting protein synthesis
  • If you want the power for those explosive workouts, you can consider and treat N02-Max as a pre-workout agent
  • Make sure you have your ‘before’ body image as this is something that will help you stay motivated and compare your progress. Take pictures more often and keep a thorough record of the week by week changes
  • Consider having BCCAs for sore muscles after weight lifting. BCCAs paces healing. If not, chances are that you will miss your next workout as the natural healing process takes some 3 days
  • If you are lifting weights, consider a slot between 3-6pm as your body and muscles are more likely to respond at this time.
  • Do not overdo your trainings. Remember, your body needs time to relax and heal. One workout a day is enough
  • Take enough sleep so that you can keep your body away from stress and closer to a good health. Unless you do not take 8-10 hours sleeps, you cannot pack on that easy

The variety in Cutting Steroids

CrazyBulk Cutting Steroids also step ahead with the purpose to recreate the fat burning and chiseling effects of many popular steroids.

Its variety starting from the top demanding legal steroid is:


The anabolic steroid Clenbuterol was one proven support for bodybuilders who wanted to shape their body after gaining the desired degree of mass in the past.

clenbuterol alternative supplements

However, the cutting agent has its pros and cons.

As much as it aids fast reduction in body fats, it affects your health and makes you go through problems like tremors and electrolyte imbalance.

Clenbutrol by CrazyBulk is one big relief for anyone in need of those powerful fat burning effects of Clenbuterol.

It is a time-tested fat cutter that is widely sought by athletes, mass gainers and people, who need some natural substance that can help their body mould in an attractive body frame.

The powerhouse of this product is InnoSlim that is a unique agent, thoroughly proven by science. Along with capsaicin, InnoSlim takes the pace of your fat burning and metabolic activities to a whole new level where you can carve your cuts, the way you like.

Now Clenbutrol is no regular fat burner that can merely pull your weight down but a special, advanced formula that is designed to push your fat levels low while keeping your muscles preserved.

Thus, it poses no such risks for your muscles that are generally prevalent during the fat cutting phase.  

A quality like this with its ability to shed 12-15lbs of fat in 4 weeks makes it one ideal fat burner that has no competition, even with other CrazyBulk fat burners so far.

Some promised benefits of Clenbutrol are:

  1. Extreme fat burning
  2. Protection of muscles
  3. Higher performance

Anavar is one known anabolic steroid that falls under the category of fat burners. Essentially, the steroid was invented so that muscle wasting can be prevented; however, it was found that on top of preserving muscles, Anavar can act as a great fat burner that is something- always needed by the bodybuilder.

Anavar alternative supplements

Of course, once the bodybuilders gain mass, they seek something that can help them lose their fats but conserve their precious muscles so that their appearance can become more and more aesthetic.

Thus, they end up using cutting steroids like Anavar that heavily contributes to their fat cutting goals along with complications they did not seek.

Anvarol by CrazyBulk is an amazing substitute for Anavar that also help bodybuilders, athletes and general health conscious individuals shake off the excess fat through its conversion into energy.

Just as Anavar, Anvarol protects the muscles from wasting and goes a long way in clearing the fat enclosing the muscles.

The legal steroid boosts the concentration of phosphocreatine that plays a major role in the swift production of ATP. Through ATP, your body gets that desired dose of energy and thus, performs better and longer in the gym.

So Anvarol is all about:

  1. Speedy fat loss
  2. Surge in energy levels
  3. Protection of lean mass

The popular steroid Winstrol shares similarity with the effects of Anavar, that is- the reduction in body fat and protection of muscles throughout the cutting phase.

winstrol alternative supplements

And as it shares similarities in effects, it shares similarities in side effects as well. However, CrazyBulk brings a solution for this problem as well.

It has come with a quality Winstrol alternative- called Winsol. Through Winsol, bodybuilders benefit in the exact same manner without risking their liver or their health in any possible manner.

Winsol speeds up the process of fat burning and gives you the peace of mind needed for the safety of your muscles. Not only muscle definition, it works wonders for your athletic performance as it is one great agent that takes your physical power and strength to an extreme peak level. 

Honestly speaking, if you are an athlete or are up for some physical challenge, we believe nothing can best favor you as much as Winsol can.

Forget about vascularity that may or may not be your preference, if you are the guy more into sports and competitions, Winsol can give you the edge through the desired degree of phenomenal power needed to outdo.

The expected benefits of Winsol are:

  1. Iron-hard, defined muscles
  2. Mega strength
  3. Remarkable performance

Tips to cut better during Cutting Cycles

Now that was for the bulking phase now moving onto the phase where you want to get rid of all the water weight that come in the way of fat burning. When fat is burnt, the muscles and your body shape become more attractive.

What drugs do bodybuilders use to cut?

If you are on a cutting cycle and using some legal steroid by Crazy Bulk like Clenbutrol, they following tips are likely to help you go a long way:

  • Having additional amount of protein as it somehow takes your caloric consumption low. Preferably, your diet should be based on 30% of calories a day
  • You have to limit your food intake which is a very understandable thing at this point in time where you want your body to get rid of the excess fat.
  • Do not forget to record your calories even during the cutting phase. However, this time, your goal is different and you have to lower your intake by 800-1000 calories a day
  • Well, we would not personally suggest a zero carb diet but you have to limit it-yes. Remember, the aim is to encourage your body to utilize its fat reservoirs for energy and that naturally happens when you take your caloric and carb consumption low. Ideally, you should be taking some 80 grams or less carbs during the day. Besides, take calories from sources that are good for you like fish or items that contain healthy fats
  • Train your body when your stomach is empty. Yes, you heard that right. When you exercise in a state of fasting, your body comes in a position where it is forced to behave like a fat burning machine as compared to when you have consumed calories and carbs. Consider going to the gym ahead of breakfast.

The variety in Strength Steroids

Moving forward to the strength range by CrazyBulk, these are agents that largely focus on your strength and performance level for you to attain your desired goals.

These are:


If you want to grab a substance that is very much comparable to Deca Durabolin, we suggest you DecaDuro by CrazyBulk.

deca durabolin alternative supplements

Deca Durabolin is an anabolic substance that was generally sought for its ability to increase athletic performance owing to its ability to add strength, staying power and so. Even though, it is not as harsh as the general anabolics, it is normally discouraged by health experts.

DecaDuro on the other hand, is a soft version of Deca Durabolin based on natural ingredients.

Just as the latter, it works brilliantly for your strength that makes it completely ideal for weightlifting or better, powerlifting.

As much as DecaDuro helps with your athletic performance, it is a substance that can be best considered for pacing recovery in between the strenuous workouts.

The legal steroid supports nitrogen retention that brings your body in a better position to create additional amount of protein for your mass to develop.

Besides, it also nourishes muscles through higher supply of oxygen, which favors you through the power needed for arduous workouts and paced recovery.

Some tried and tested benefits of DecaDuro are:

  1. Super strength
  2. Quality muscle growth
  3. Boosted endurance and fast recovery

Testosterone knows the trick of muscle and strength building and is hence, crazily sought by bodybuilders through Sustanon. But Sustanon is one artificial method to elevate your testosterone levels that is simply unconvincing for the aesthetic purpose- as no matter how goal-friendly anabolic steroids are, they can never go easy on our health.

legal sustanon testosterone supplements

Testo-Max is a substance that is very much closer to Sustanon in terms of performance.

It is a testosterone booster that includes D-Aspartic acid and ZMA that naturally stimulate your ‘testosterone-producing machine’ to produce more and more of the sex hormone.

Amazingly, these two agents are scientifically proven to elevate the production by 42% and 32.5% respectively, which is a figure too favorable for the building of strength and muscles.

Essentially, when the body is tuned to generate increased amount of testosterone, you are not just likely to witness the engorging and strength enhancement effects.

There are more benefits like higher energy, better sleep, increased endurance and sharp focus that are likely to follow.

Precisely, expect the following changes from Testo-Max:

  1. Crazy strength and muscle growth
  2. Unbeatable performance
  3. Fast recovery
3) NO2 MAX

NO2 Max is a popular supplement by CrazyBulk, the effects of which are versatile enough to cover a wide deal of your bodily goals. Even though, NO2 Max is not an exclusive strength enhancement agent, yet, its ability to improve your performance through higher energy and stamina deserves its presence here.

Nitric oxide supplements

Technically, the supplement is a vasodilator that happens to be anything that can expand your blood vessels for a better circulation and delivery of blood to the organs. Right when you workout and target a specific set of muscles, these muscles naturally demand a higher supply of blood to cope up with the pressure and respond.

In case of a good supply, these ‘running machines’ receive a healthy supply of oxygen as the fuel needed to bear more weight, sustain extra stress and more importantly, perform added amount of reps for those electrifying pumps and speedy growth.

In general, we recommend our readers to consume it ahead of workouts, so that their body can adjust to a mode where dynamite workouts can be enabled and not the regular ones.

The definite benefits of NO2 Max are:

  1. Intense energy shots
  2. Supercharged performance
  3. Superhuman strength

The Concept of Stacking

In the field of bodybuilding, stacking is a commonly used word or say, a commonly done practice by mass gainers. Basically, it refers to mixing a variety of steroids, either legal or illegal to generate a wide range of effects, simultaneously.

What is the best steroid alternative?

Now stacking is not done by everyone trying to push harder in the gym.

It is merely followed by those who have been using steroids in the past and are willing to expand the overall effects through combining different substances.

Essentially, when you combine steroids and use them in a given time, you get major results as some substances improve the efficiency of other substances when used in group.

However, this combination is not done randomly. It involves proper knowledge of the nature and effects of every substance, so that one can attain maximum from the mix and reach the respective goals at a faster pace.

The Bulking Stack

Bulking Stack by CrazyBulk is a set of some legal steroids that are used in conjunction.

As the name says, it is a blend of steroids that aim to help you pack on bigger and faster while ensuring strength gains and proper chiseling of the muscles.

bulking stack for muscle growth

The legal steroids that are part of the bulking stack are:

  1. D-Bal
  2. Testo Max
  3. DecaDuro
  4. Trenorol
The Cutting Stack

Cutting Stack by CrazyBulk is a group of four effective legal steroids chosen by the masterminds of the company.

These formulas aim to improve your fat burning potentials while keeping your muscles protected and strength levels high.

cutting stack for lean muscle

These are:

  1. Clenbutrol
  2. Testo Max
  3. Winsol
  4. Anvarol
Ultimate Stack

Ultimate Stack is an all-rounder, a pack of six supplements that target the growth of mass, shape up the body through efficient fat burning and ensure you build the right degree of strength for that hardcore performance.

ultimate stack for muscle mass and strength

These are:

  1. D-Bal
  2. Trenorol
  3. Clenbutrol
  4. Testo-Max
  5. DecaDuro
  6. Anadrole

Legal Steroids for Women

We have always associated men with bodybuilding and sports that demand extreme physical power like weightlifting and have seldom witnessed women being a part of it.

steroids for women

However, time seems to be changing for women as these members of the gentle sex is now participating more and more in activities that can challenge the norms and standards set for them by the society.

Essentially, muscle gaining is a complex task that is way more achievable for men that it is for women.

However, there are many other changes that can be brought within the body, which women are seemingly working for like toning their body and working on their curves.

As far using anabolic steroids by women is concerned, that is something we have always discouraged in people and hence, women are no exception.

As a matter of fact, anabolic steroids are more detrimental for women as they can cause psychosis and virilization in women that is characterized by the development of male physical characteristics in women.

Hence, there has to be no way women should be resorting to anabolics.

But the case with legal steroids by CrazyBulk is quite the opposite for women sweating hard in the gym!

There are some agents that are totally effective, suitable and safe for women, yet, the act of overdosing is always opposed.

The best Legal Steroids by Crazy Bulk for women are:

  1. D-Bal for quality growth, strength and power
  2. Trenorol for toning your body and making your figure more appealing
  3. Clenbutrol for leaving behind the excess fat through fat burning

Treatment for Gynecomastia by CrazyBulk

CrazyBulk has also launched a proper treatment plan for the common condition faced by every 1 bodybuilder out of four- called gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia has other names like man boobs and moobs and is characterized by the swelling and engorgement of the area surrounding the chest.

The chest of men and bodybuilders with gynecomastia often resembles with the womanly breasts, which understandably leads to embarrassment for them and in many cases, a drop in confidence.

Now the condition is a result of hormonal imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone is generally known as the male hormone while estrogen is commonly referred as the female hormone that contributes to the development of their breast and other female characteristics.

In case the concentration of estrogen in men exceed from the concentration of their sex hormone, testosterone, more and more fat start to accumulate surrounding the upper body area and form the appearance of breast.

Gynecomastia is treatable and a good treatment we can suggest is Gynectrol by CrazyBulk.

Gynectrol Review

Gynectrol is a natural formula based on Sclareolides, guggulsterones and caffeine that are some highly researched and proven agents for gynecomastia.

Starting from sclareolides, the plant derived has the potential to heighten up testosterone and blocking the female sex hormone, estrogen. As the level of testosterone increased and the level of estrogen controlled, the hormone gives your body the needed power to annihilate that unresponsive fat in the chest area more quickly.

Then there is guggulsterones that contribute in fat metabolism. The phytosteroid also aids in breaking down adipose tissues that are heavily responsible for the developing of this upsetting condition you are facing.

Lastly, there is caffeine that paces metabolic activities for a speedy reduction in calories and addressing a problem like gynecomastia.

Together with guggulsterones and sclareolides, the stimulant manages to flatten up the chest with ease. 

On a whole, Gynectrol is a successful treatment for gynecomastia. And that’s not the only quality of it as it is also 100% safe and natural. Besides, CrazyBulk offers free exercises and diet guide to men willing to eliminate man boobs more efficiently and quickly with this product that is proven to work.

Specialty of Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk products are not confined to cater some specific needs of bodybuilders but are versatile enough to accommodate different needs of different individuals.

Does Crazy bulk have side effects?

For example, legal steroids generated by CrazyBulk supports:

  1. Muscle building through bulking steroids
  2. Fat burning and sculpting through cutting steroids
  3. Strength building through strength steroids

Essentially, these are the three categories you generally come across in CrazyBulk supplements; however, their effects, as said are not limited enough to help you with bulking, cutting or strength but are wide enough to also:

  1. Speed up recovery timings
  2. Protect and preserve muscles
  3. Boost testosterone production
  4. Improve libido
  5. Slow Down the signs of aging
  6. Maximize muscle pump
Crazy Bulk Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Can women use CrazyBulk?

Yes, legal steroids are as friendly to women as these agents are for men. The recommended steroids for women willing to give CrazyBulk a shot is Dbal, Clenbutrol and Trenorol.

Q-2 Are there any side effects?

No, that’s the best part about using legal steroids. Legal steroids, especially the one produced by CrazyBulk are guaranteed safe.

But to ensure this safety, CrazyBulk has set some rules pertaining to the dosage and use of its steroids. In case of violation, that is overdosing the supplements, CrazyBulk is not responsible for the expected aftermaths.

Plus, the supplements can be potent for newbies thereby; begin with half the amount of dosage being suggested to you. Once you get used to, you can move ahead to the standard dosage.

Q-3 Can I cycle CrazyBulk?

Even when natural substances are generally harmless, the idea of prolonged usage is always discouraged. For bulking cycles, limit the cycle to three months and for cutting, two months are good enough.

Keep a break in between cycles including bulking and cutting based on 15 days or so. checkout more about cycles here:

Q-4 Do the effects fade with time?

In the case of anabolic steroids- yes but in the case of legal steroids- no. Your muscles do no deflate or lose their quality after discontinuing the formulas though; they demand a complete body workout for at least, once every week.

Q-5 When do the results kick in?

The effects are definitely not overnight, but you can see the changes within days, especially when you are hitting the gym harder and longer. In the case of bulking, you can add 1-2 pounds of muscles every week. Then again- you have to go to the gym.

If its about losing fats, expect a drop of 2-4lbs a week.

Q-6 Why should I go for Crazy Bulk and not other brand?

Well, believe it or not, right now, CrazyBulk has a position no other brand has. It is in fact, treated as the king of legal steroids that can turn your unappealing physique into something people will go in complete awe of. It is trustable, fast and affordable. Besides:

  • It needs no injections
  • No side effects
  • It create lasting results
  • It is delivered worldwide
  • ZERO shipping charges
  • There is a FREE item on the purchase of two
  • It has a supportive 24/7 customer care
  • It caters every muscle building need including Gynecomastia
  • Offers anti-aging solution through HGH-X2 and Testo Max
  • Provides an extensive diet and training guide for free on every item

Q-7 Is CrazyBulk a worth purchase?

Without a doubt, Yes! The company is reliable and in the business for a long time now. Had there been a question on its status, effectiveness and safety of its products, it would have taken an exit like many companies, a long time ago. You can trust it any time for the confidence and spark you need in your body!

You can learn more about Crazy Bulk at their official website: